We are part of a giant experiment, and the outcome is uncertain. We are surrounded by pollution, pesticides, preservatives, artificial foods, artificial hormones, and antibiotic overuse. We tend toward the sedentary and the indoors. Our health challenges are different than our grandparents’ health challenges.

The mission of this site currently is to shed light on the changes in our environment over the last several decades, and identify ways to take back our health. This site acknowledges no magic bullets or guarantees of good health. Instead, this site’s philosophy is to help you stack the deck in your favor, one good decision at a time.

The site also aims to catalog the key studies on our environment, lifestyles, and conventional and alternative remedies, weighted by the rigor of each study, and summarize that data objectively, concisely, and visually. The philosophy is that all studies performed should receive due consideration, and you should know what they are, what they show, and what is still unknown. Only as a fully informed individual can you make empowered decisions about your health.

The site’s philosophy is as follows. Pandora’s Health:

  • Will always cite studies to support assertions. There will be no reference to “experts” or “studies” without identifying them.
  • Will link to primary source material whenever possible, so you can do further research and make your own judgments.
  • Will consider a full range of sources across both conventional and alternative spheres.
  • Will welcome comments and emails suggesting or providing additional sources.
  • Will remain non-partisan and strive for objectivity above all in factual posts.
  • Will clearly label all opinion and/or analysis posts.
  • Will nonetheless support opinions with evidence.

To navigate the site, click on “10 Changes” or go deeper into the Mind, Body, Environment, or Remedies areas (these are under development and will be built out in coming months). For a timeline of how U.S. food, water, and products became more adulterated and polluted over the past decades, click “Timeline.” (Timelines for other countries and regions are not yet available but on the wish list!).

To find our more about me and the philosophy behind this site, go to the About page.

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