May 122013

Happy 2013! I spent the past two years focusing on my own health, and am happy to report I am happy, healthy, and followed my 10 Steps pretty well. I also made some important changes, since my original 10 steps left out what I learned is the most important element for my wellness recovery: a competent doctor-ally who has done this thousands of times before.

That’s right. I thought because I’d read, researched and scoured the corners of the Internet that I could put together an optimal program — but, although my 10 Steps are exactly what I ended up doing, I also needed some fine-tuning, and I couldn’t do that without a medical professional.

In other words, I needed to customize — to find the right program for me. This involved tests I couldn’t order myself.

I was missing another important piece too: I was a sample size of one. I had walked this path to wellness exactly once, and I didn’t have the broad experience base of knowing that if patient X is feeling this way, and tests show Y, then Z is required. Whereas if patient X is feeling that way, then it’s likely that tests will show A, and then B is required. That’s knowledge built over time, by seeing thousands of patients.

So, I need to edit Step 9 of my 10 Steps, because it was non-optional for me to: a.) Find a competent doctor-ally who has helped thousands of patients; and b.) Commit to the program for a reasonable period of time, to determine if it worked.

My original Step 9 post said: “Rest assured that there are great supplements for you — so, if you feel the need, find at least one with the help of a qualified health-care professional and then take it consistently.” I’ve edited this to remove “if you feel the need,” because I needed to — period.

More details will be available in an upcoming blog post: how I realized I needed to see a doctor, what my test results showed, and how I addressed my (many!) deficiencies and toxicities. And, to see my 10 Changes self-assessment for 2013, click here.