Oct 062015

A recent article on Mercola.com got me thinking about the Buteyko breathing method.

I first read about the Buteyko method in 2010, when I was diagnosed with cancer. I made a short-term effort to learn it based on Internet tutorials and then abandoned it in favor of other tactics.

But I’m reconsidering it as a long-term, sustainable therapy. Not only does Mercola cite general health benefits like lower blood pressure and reduced stress, but a study showed the Buteyko method reduced three-year breast cancer mortality from 24.5% to 4.5%. That’s amazing for an hour or two of breathing per day!

I strongly encourage you to read the original study here (translated from Russian):


In addition — and this is really awe-inspiring — the study seems to state that Buteyko breathing also eliminated lymphedema in the test group. Almost nothing works for lymphedema! (Caveat: I’ve found a few things that helped me).

So if the Buteyko method helps lymphedema, then it shouldn’t matter that the study was originally published in Russian: Therapists should look into it!

Here’s the source from the study:

“Seven (13.2%) of the patients in the control group suffered from edema in their upper extremities. The same symptoms were present in 9 (13.4%) patients of the main group. However, unlike the control group, their edema disappeared with the elimination of deep breathing.”

If this is true, it could be a revolution for lymphedema patients worldwide. If I had lymphedema (I don’t, but I struggle with high altitudes and believe I’m at risk for it), I’d be trying this right now, today, starting this second.

Have you tried the Buteyko method? Let me know in the comments or via private message.