Oct 132015

I’m nervous about my upcoming doctor appointment. I’ve been lazier in the past year, despite still taking the majority of my supplements and eating mainly organic. Even though I’ve made a major course correction in the past few months, I still worry about the prior nine months. I also froze my eggs, with my doctor’s knowledge and approval, but am aware I may take a hit from that, too. I may need to build back up and get back on my original program with a vengeance.

I say my original program because at my prior appointment last year, I was told I could eat meat again. My diet was broadened and relaxed a bit. But I still don’t like meat, and when I eat it, I don’t feel good. I prefer fish by a long shot. I also miss the 14-Grain cereal I used to eat every morning. So a few months ago, I bought all of the ingredients (raw grains) online and have started making it again.

I feel like my diet and supplement program is my armor, in a way, so when I don’t adhere to it as well as I could, I get nervous.

I know I’m fortunate in that I know what to do. Figuratively speaking, I’m sitting next to the stereo with my hand on the volume, ready to turn it up to maximum if needed.

Just waiting.