Add These Heart-Healthy Habits to Your Everyday Routine


Prevent most any heart-related disease by strengthening your cardiovascular system. Many of us haven’t given a lot thought about our cardiovascular health. Though it does have a significant impact on our health overall. When you make that engine of yours pump harder than usual, you are conditioning your heart by strengthening it. Doing that makes your heart stronger (just like any other muscle you work out) and makes it more resistant to diseases and illness naturally. Taking good care of your heart drastically lowers risk for stroke and/or heart attack.

Check out these healthy habits to include into your everyday routine to boost your heart resistance to diseases and illness:

Don’t Smoke

This one might be obvious, but tobacco adds a heap of health problems and you shouldn’t expect your heart to be healthy if you’re a smoker. Give up cigarettes, vaping, or cigars, if that’s part of your life. Give them up today. There are cessation programs that might be offered through your employer or local health department.

Take the necessary steps to boot the habit. Donate money saved to a heart-related charity if you want. If you’re a chain smoker who kills a pack every day, with the average price of $6.40/pack across the US in 2019 you are spending over $2300 every year. How many pounds of meat and veggies can you buy with that money?

Keep your weight in check

It is a no-brainer that more unhealthy weight carried on your frame could potentially cause some serious damage to your heart. Be diligent with your weight, remember to step on the scale once in a while. BMI could be a very rough estimate of where you should be. As it was created primarily to track populations’ weight take it with a grain of salt on an individual level.

On your next check-up with your physician ask them to give you accurate measurements. That should give you a rough estimate of where you’re standing in relation to your goal of achieving better health.

Implement few hours of cardio every week

Cardio is very beneficial to your health and should be a big part if not a priority of your routine. Make that engine of yours pump more than usual at least 2-2.5 hours a week. Build up to a good pace that makes you sweat, start today.

If your workout routine is getting old – switch it up. Do one exercise one day and try some other cardiovascular exercise the next. You don’t even have to go to the gym and run on a treadmill until your legs fall off. Go for a hike, play with your kids, vacuum like you’ve never vacuumed before. Put some passion into it, your carpets will look great. Put some music on and dance while you’re at it.

Cut the TV time

“BLASPHEMY!” you might say. Weight gain often comes from a sedentary lifestyle, which as we’ve said before potentially leads to a heap of heart-related diseases. Consider how much damage to your health sitting an unhealthy amount of time can cause.

Even if you’re the Netflix-and-chill type or you work in an office environment, make it a habit to not sit for more than an hour at a time. Get up and get moving. Do allow relaxing time in your schedule though, but not in a way that will hammer your health and well-being.

Give your heart the attention it deserves

Increase your lifespan, implement these habits and make one your body’s most vital organs strong and truly powerful. Having a healthy heart as an asset will improve your fitness levels and prevent deadly diseases from cutting down the time you have with your loved ones


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