How To Cure Sciatica At Home – Natural Remedies To Relieve Pain

The true extent of sciatica can not be evaluated on its own. However, in addition to drugs, some home remedies can be used to cure pain faster and easier. Some of the foods mentioned in the following paragraphs have excellent healing qualities and are perfect for reducing sciatic symptoms.

Celery and Potato Juice

If you have an extractor for juice, do not hesitate to use it for one second. Celery juice and potato juice are very useful against sciatica pain. For the solution to take effect, you will need to use at least 300 ml of liquid. Without a problem, you can ingest it regularly. 

White Willow

Willow infusion is strongly advised in order to relieve the sciatica pain. The infusion of the willow should be recommended. The willow actually has salicine. It is an aspirin-based substance. Boiling half a liter of water is advisable to infuse a piece of willow. Then, cook for 15 minutes. Drink sensibly once the tea is thoroughly filtered. This procedure can be repeated every 8 hours.


Interestingly enough, nettle has many soothing qualities. Use it as an infusion in a warm bath or passing through the inflammation with a few branches. This action, carried out in a sensitive way, will reduce sciatica pain. Also no than twice a day should these methods be performed.

Oregano and Thyme

There are anti-inflammatory properties in thyme and oregano are those of thyme and oregano. Allow to infuse for 15 minutes and drink probably twice a day after boiling. The solution lightens the pain.

Cloves of Garlic

Garlic has a number of qualities that are virtuous in it: These include the promotion of blood circulation and the warming of the blood. Relax your sciatic nerve pain with raw garlic. Many other herbs have soothing qualities and can be used for reducing sciatica pain as well. Among them are turmeric with black pepper, roman chamomile, St. John’s wort, arnica, lavender, and lime blossom. 

Chiropractic and Acupuncture

The acupuncture of sciatica patients is an alternative treatment consisting in placing needles in certain pressure points and the use of chiropractic against sciatica enables the nerves to operate smoothly. You should be able to feel its advantages in the pain after a few therapy sessions. 

Just put the painful region in warmth. Three times a day repeat the procedure. Switch up between cold and hot for greater efficiency. Up to 20 minutes every two hours, also apply ice packs to the affected area. The rest is crucial in sciatica but complete immobility can have repercussions as well. 

After a 48-hour rest period, restart your everyday activities if you feel it is possible without difficulty. For instance, yoga stretching can be carried out. You’re going to benefit. However, do not try to handle heavy loads and control your actions for at least six weeks to prevent injury from too much movement. 


Deep massages are a good way to combat muscular pain, often combined with sciatica. The deeply felt message is a key ally in combating muscular pain often associated with sciatica. Massages can also reduce inflammatory pain stress. In fact, an incorrect movement can bring the pain back. For more results, the message can be joined with essential oils.

Each of these home treatments can be effective – but you shouldn’t just choose random treatments for your pain. Instead, it’s important to choose the right treatment for the underlying cause of YOUR sciatica, or your pain may worsen or at best – not improve at all.

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