My $3 Alkalizing Detox Bath with Baking Soda and Sea Salt


One of the detox routines recommended by my doctor is Salt and Soda Baths. I take these baths up to twice per week, always using filtered water (for that, I recommend an Aquasana shower filter).

To do a salt and soda bath, I need two ingredients, which cost almost nothing: fine sea salt and baking soda. I use Diamond Crystal sea salt (which is cheap in grocery stores but sadly expensive on Amazon) and plain old Arm & Hammer baking soda (which does NOT contain aluminum, counter to popular misconception).

Simple Procedure, Big Benefits

I simply run water from the shower into the tub until it’s almost full, pour in a cup of sea salt and a cup of baking soda, stir it around until it’s mostly dissolved, and then soak for 25 minutes. Then I shower off. That’s it. Because 25 minutes is a long time to soak in a tub, I start off with pretty hot, but not scaldingly hot, water.

I find that I sweat a lot in the bath, and — how can I put this? — stuff comes out of my skin pores.  The combination of baking soda and sea salt pulls out toxins through the skin. Afterward, I feel refreshed, and my skin looks great. An absolutely HUGE potential benefit: detoxing from radiation exposure.


One caveat: My doctor recommended salt and soda baths because I tend to be too acidic. If I were too alkaline, or if I had high blood pressure or cardiovascular issues, I’d probably be doing different detox routines. Also, the bath is pretty draining, especially when the water is really hot to start with, so I always stand up carefully afterward and then shower off briefly with cool water.

I like to listen to soothing music while I float in the detox bath, although sometimes soaking in silence is golden. If you’re looking for music to accompany a detox bath, my absolute favorite tunes are from NATURE SOUNDS Set.


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